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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."
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Volunteer Executives

President Kwan Tera [One] Earth (12/12/2014)
Vice President James Ogle [Republican] USA (10/2/2015)
Secretary General Frank-Michael Hensel [NWP] Germany (8/29/2015)
CEO Excellency Dr. Brig General Lord Buck Rogers [Conservative] UK (3/15/2016)
Ombudsman Taras Shevchenko [International Mission for the Peace] Ukraine (11/4/2016)
Khadim Hussain Dahot [Independent] Pakistan (11/5/2016)
President Haji Ajmal Shamali [Independent] Afghanistan (11/5/2016)
Arvind Kumar Sharma [NWP] India (11/5/2016)
Amb Abdelkader Boubekeur [Independent] Algeria (12/12/2016)
Heli Tattari [Universal] Earth (11/5/2016)


539 Members International Parliament (488 MIPs and 55 Senators)
MIP = Member of International Parliament - Senate Chamber

229 Info. Not Avail.
219 MIPs and 10 Senators

Agostinho Antonio FONA [Info. Not Avail.] Guinea Bissau 1/29/2015, Gravit Khandelwal [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 5/14/2015, Horacio Daniel Fernandez [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 8/12/2014, Rod Morley [Info. Not Avail.] Canada 9/26/2014, Dr. Kavita Surbhi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/14/2015, Mike Baroni [Green] USA 5/14/2015, Dianne Propernick [Info. Not Avail.] USA 5/14/2015, Shalad-din Ali [Info. Not Avail.] South America 5/14/2015, Angel Noula [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/14/2015, Thiwa Karan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/14/2015, Jatwinder Grewal [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/15/2015, Jose Aparecido [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/15/2015, Dr. Fathi Said [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/15/2015, Grand Dr. (Prof) Niranjan C. Bhat [Info. Not Avail.] India 5/15/2015, Zigmund Ziegler Cohen [Info. Not Avail.] USA 5/15/2015, Seem Nazar [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/15/2015, Jehad Shalat [Info. Not Avail.] Palistine 5/15/2015, Don Britton [Info. Not Avail.] USA 5/15/2015, Mamdouh Majed Radwan [Info. Not Avail.] Saudi Arabia 5/15/2015, Joan Belle Nemeth [Info. Not Avail.] USA 5/15/2015, Mussarat Ishaq [Info. Not Avail.] Pakistan 5/15/2015, Kristina McGinus [Info. Not Avail.] USA 5/15/2015, Sushil Kumar [Info. Not Avail.] Bangladesh 5/15/2015, Dr. Chike Oyeka [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 6/25/2013, TC Nieuwoudt [Info. Not Avail.] South Africa 5/14/2015, Ojeyinde Olatunde Gblolahan [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 5/14/2015, Xose Rodriguez Ferrer [Info. Not Avail.] Spain 5/14/2015, Nuszhin486 [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/14/2015, Dr. Chinweike Ndubuisigwe [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 5/14/2015, Mr Fida Hussain Domki Balouch [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/14/2015, bag94leux [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/14/2015, Peter Mwambananji [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/14/2015, Eng Juba [Info. Not Avail.] Egypt 5/14/2015, Marines Limonia Macedo [Info. Not Avail.] Brazil 6/5/2015, Wassim Madi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 7/19/2015, Pamela Allende Alba [Info. Not Avail.] Chile 5/26/2015, Abdul Hameed Jamali [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/24/2014, Ahmad Hassan Elsyed Hamad [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/24/2014, Dr Ramesh Menaria [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/24/2014, Sharif Shakur Bey [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/24/2014, Eric Offori -Atta [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 5/24/2014, Haetam Zgedan [Info. Not Avail] Libya 5/21/2015, Omer Abrahem [Info. Not Avail.] Libya 5/21/2015, Salama Abraham [Info. Not Avail.] Libya 5/21/2015, Ahmed Fathi Khalil Mohamed [Info. Not Avail] Egypt 5/21/2015, Ajeet Kumar Gupta [Info. Not Avail.] India 8/25/2015, H.E Gislene Pascutti [Info. Not Avail.] Brazil 8/28/2015, Gajendrasinh Jadhavrao [Info. Not Avail.] Asia, Europe, Africa, America 8/31/2015, Dianne Dorsey [Info. Not Avail.] USA 9/3/2015, Dawop Zayyad [Info. Not Avail.] India, Nigeria 9/15/2015, Inna Kurnia [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Irwan Gunawan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Pandawa Saputra [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Teddy Sujalaksana [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Indra Teja Kusumah [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Robby Pramudya [Info. Not Avail.] 9/23/2015, Danise H. [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Risza Alta Budiman [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ade Aban Mahesa [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Aep Kurnia Putra [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Brata Bhanuindra [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Aida Lestari [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ajisaka Prasetyo [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Wiwin Soemarto [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Adelia Pujiati [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Kelik Prayitno [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Nursiah Arif [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Kerry Abdillah [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Rama Sulastiyani [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Rosita Waty [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Essy Lidia [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Muhammad Adhi Surya [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Sarwono Wirya Weucana [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Dyna Maliq [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Cuping Agil Manino [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Seah Jasmine [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Qamila Yunan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ross Itari [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Yudi V. Peace [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Rifa Mursjid [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Qi Ferro [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Asep Ogie [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Hilman Aryasatya Kameshwara [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Asep Rudiawan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Julia Zehan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Irin Heriyati [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Rahman Hakim [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Esty Nonon [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Matheus Bintoro [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Latifah Zahra [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Fevrina K. Sharadin [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Dede Riswara [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ai Laitsa Baraja [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Alia Chasmira [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Mad Nur [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ine Syahdinar [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Lily Jap [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ridwan Efendi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Rudiyanto Diky [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Asep Ahmad Kadnawi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Muhammad Rizal Nurmansyah [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Hermin Pangesti [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Saw Sumarlan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Sarah Izy [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Winda Irwina [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Rita Dewi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Rama Sulastiyani [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Dewi Lestari [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Tien Wahyuni [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Titien Sumartini [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Sallma Lucy [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Sonia Bunga Permai [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ari Yanuar [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Faridah A. Sagga [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Wiwin Onelia [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Eni Candrawati [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Watiek Suwarti [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Neneng Sriwahyuni [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Christie Soetopo [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Tiny Setiani [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Widiawati Rosadi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Retno Pujaningsih [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Dara Thesya [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Eva Dewi Taslim [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Irwan Kurniawan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Hengky Setia Budi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Srie Azzam [Info. Not Avail.] 9/23/2015, Kenzi Kurniawan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Deni Triwibowo [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Noki Agustina [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Christine Ida [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Arif Dony Herawan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Rita Rosida [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Naomi Haswanto [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Li Man Hab [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Arri Ardian Fawwaz [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Yan Yan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Erwan Semar [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Roza Mintaredja [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Doel Kemitz [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Jujun Junaedi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Anastasya Puspa Rahayu [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Nia Hesti [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Alexcia Gah Lung [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ayu Agustina [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Gita Saraswati [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Fransiskus Boyke [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Abdul Jalal [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Deby Selina Yopie [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Santi Mulyani [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Jati Jatnika [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Berna Rahayu [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ariel Rizal Solehudin [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ahmad Baedowi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Helena Elina [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Firman Maulana [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Iwan Toge [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Imani Kristi [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Edy Rivai [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Mela Rosita [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Akmal Kusumajaya [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ai Agoestina [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Denny Wildan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Laurentia Su Fen [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ritta Kumala [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Ennie Wathy [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Henricus Agus [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, S M Sohel Rana [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Mohamad Arif Khan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth 9/23/2015, Yafa Mrwan [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015), Yaya Al-Sanani [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Imran Z. Kingrechi [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Mohamed Outili [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Prem Grover [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Mado Jan Gohar wazir [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Husam Algahzal [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Haider Almusawi [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Gorge Wolnei Gomes [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Lokinder Verma [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Ruel De Vera [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Muhammad Sohail [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Moni Singh [Info Not Avail.] Earth 9/25/2015, Seyed Sikande Ali Shah [Info. Not Avail.] Pakistan 9/29/2015, Sambo Saidu Daniels [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 10/6/2015, Giuseppe Di Pace [Info. Not Avail.] Italy 10/5/2015, Gagik Martirosyan [Info. Not Avail.] Armenia 10/8/2015, Drs. A.A.G.A.B. Sutedja, SE.Ak The king Jembrana Bali [Info. Not Avail.] Indonesia 10/11/2015, Dr. Mario Roberto Coronel Calderon [Info. Not Avail.] Uruguay, Republic of Argentina 10/11/2015, Imran Ali Shaikh [Info. Not Avail.] Pakistan 10/20/2015, Emanuel Seretan [Info. Not Avail.] Romania 11/30/2015, Michel Maurizio Pirrone [Info. Not Avail.] Italy 12/9/2015, Andrew Paterson [Info. Not Avail.] UK 12/24/2015, Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan [Info. Not Avail.] India 12/28/2015, Choukri Assimi [Info. Not Avail.] Morocco 2/6/2016, Toma Mosiota [Info. Not Avail.] Papua New Guinea 2/11/2016, Marlene R. DeLaronde [Info. Not Avail.] Canada 2/12/2016, Sikandar Khan [Info. Not Avail.] Pakistan 5/28/2016, Aldebaran Luiz Von Holleben [Info. Not Avail.] Brazil 6/14/2016, Dr Nabhit Kapur [Info. Not Avail.] India 7/7/2016, Senator Michael Walton [Info. Not Avail.] USA 2/17/2016, Senator Laura Frustaci [Info. Not Avail.] Italy 3/31/2016, Senator Ivon Ramzi [Info. Not Avail.] Italy 4/7/2016, Senator Ahmed Elbehiry [Info. Not Avail.] Egypt 5/30/2016, Senator Theresa F. H. Soliman [Info. Not Avail.] Egypt 8/24/2016, Senator Francesco D'Alassandro [Info. Not Avail.] Italy 10/14/2016, Senator Dr. Hilal Medawar PhD [Info. Not Avail.] Lebanon 2/12/2017, Senator Prince Marshal Royal Ambassador Dato Seri Mahkota Dr. Bahman Mehrpour Sheijani [Info. Not Avail.] Malaysia and Philippines 3/4/2017, Senator Madam Datin Wan Norazizulbaitie Bt Ds Wan Zulkafli [Info. Not Avail.] Malaysia 3/13/2017, Senator Rafeel S. Ahamed [Info. Not Avail.] Sri Lanka 5/3/2017, Mbabazi Junior Bonifence [Info. Not Avail.] Uganda 8/18/2016, Lamina Kamiludeem Omotoyosi [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 8/29/2016, Damian Anderson [Info. Not Avail.] Germany 9/5/2016, Erdal Salur [Info. Not Avail.] Turkey 9/17/2016, Fazhrudin [Info. Not Avail.] Russia 9/17/2016, Samira Bare [Info. Not Avail.] Morocco 9/24/2016, Sahinder Capraz [Info. Not Avail.] Germany 11/2/2016, Joe Mathew [Info. Not Avail.] India 11/10/2016, Abukari Mahama [Info. Not Avail.] Ghana 12/14/2016, Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino di Torre Spagnola [Info. Not Avail.] Italy 6/29/2015, Colonel Simon J. Wilce [Info. Not Avail.] UK 5/28/2015, Dato' Seri Prof. Dr.hc. Muhammad Harith Bin Abdullah, Ph.D [Info. Not Avail.] Malaysia 10/23/2015, Ali Sodikin Bin Samah [Info. Not Avail.] Malaysia 10/9/2015, Ana Braganca [Info. Not Avail.] Switzerland 12/28/2016, Itigbri Ogagaoghene Jesse [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 12/29/2016, Vidya Prakash Pothuganti [Info. Not Avail.] India 12/30/2016, Henry Lutwama [Info. Not Avail.] Africa 1/8/2017, Victor A Asuquo [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 1/8/2017, Sara Mohamamdi [Info. Not Avail.] Albania 1/14/2017, Ram Singh [Info. Not Avail.] India 1/19/2017, Tarak Nath Choubey [Info. Not Avail.] India 2/5/2017,

83 Parties With One Seat
77 MIPs and 6 Senators

Daniel Green (Free Energy) Earth 12/9/2014, Dr. Luiz Fernando da Rocha [Cabinet Minister] Brazil 6/5/2015, Cathy Bilsky [World Enlightenment] USA 11/2/2013, Ernest Wells [Communist] USA 5/2/2013, Roger Nichols [Unity] USA 12/6/2014, Gino Joubert [Commonwealth] USA 5/14/2015, Eric A. Amankwaa [Nationbuilder] Ghana 5/15/2015, Thierry Larre [Consultant] France 5/15/2015, Pradeep Sapkota [Youth Activist] Nepal 5/15/2015, HE (AMB) Ossai Kingsley Chimdi [Peoples Democratic] Nigeria 5/15/2015, Sushinick Newsom [TRU3 Tea pat-TEA] USA 5/15/2015, Youk Sarin [Network] Cambodia 5/16/2015, Heli Tattari [Universal] Earth 7/2/2014, Trevor Tidwell [Communitarian] Earth 7/19/2014, M.S. Mohamed Ansari [Economic] India 2/9/2014, Nikhil Chakma [Jumma indigenous people, Chittagong Hill Tracts] Bangladesh 10/8/2013, Atikhan [First founder and Director IWRC] Pakistan 10/7/2013, Zom Raja [King of Death] Bangladesh 5/14/2015, Mr Ng Hwai Jun [Yr of 2009 Beginning of the Kes Murder Emegies in Mcau China Casino Hotel MGM Grand] Malaysia 8/10/2015, Daniel Madison [Rationalist] USA 8/9/2015, Jacques Banne [Labour] Israel 8/1/2015, Erik Flanders [Flanders] Belgium 6/29/2015, Ferraro Elio [Freelance Communication] Italy 6/22/2015, Shiba Prosad Bhattacharyya [Fellow ICA] India 6/2/2015, Jose Luis Trillo Checa [Naturopatia-Nutricion Human] Spain 5/28/2015, Matloob Ali [AAP] India 5/21/2015, Miss Joy Waymire [Anarchist] USA 7/30/2014, Michael Bogatirev [Environmentalist] USA 7/29/2014, Tom Ouk [Cambodia Officer] Cambodia 9/7/2015, Osama Ahmed Mohammed Aqlan [Pharmacist] Yemen 9/28/2015, Khawla Said Al Azzeh [Middle] Jordan 10/10/2015, Mehdi Javadi Ranjbar [Eastern Fight] Iran 10/11/2015, Giuseppe Sardo [Universita Degli Studi di Palermo] Italy 10/11/2015, Ismail Martakerawang [Regional Martakerawang] Kutai kingdom Mulawarman Indonesia 10/11/2015, Arie Danu Saputra [Minister of Foreign Affairs] Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman Indonesia 10/11/2015, Ery Efendi Yusup [Welfare Minister] Kutai Kingdom Mulawarman Indonesia 10/11/2015, Tan Boon Yek [Malaysia Youth Movement] Malaysia 10/11/2015, Shri Lalu Gde Pharmanegara Parman [Etnoforum, Indigeneous Peoples Association] Indonesia 10/11/2015, Gohar Nawaz [Advocate] Pakistan 11/7/2015, Vili Jeleva [People's Union] Bulgaria 11/30/2015, Rhyno Schoeman [Real Estate, Business Owner] South Africa 11/30/2015, Doris Wagner [All Party System] Austria-Switzerland 12/11/2015, Phillip Bashline [U.P. Michigan] USA 12/22/2015, Rahmatullah Khan [PTI] Pakistan 12/31/2015, Jaga Nath Bidarit [Napali Congress] Nepal 1/2/2016, Radu Andrei [Member] Romania 2/22/2016, Gursagar Preet Singh [Software Engineer] India 2/29/2016, Margus Meigo Waffa [Eesti] Estonia 3/3/2016, Hadjadj Salah [fln] Algeria 4/5/2016, Emir Haiyawi [Bir Tawil State] Bir Tawil 5/1/2016, Dr. Mehmood Hashmi [Global Preach Peace Foundation] Pakistan 5/19/2016, Alwin Roland [Diplomatic Mission] India 3/13/2015, Vladimir Shkapa [SHKAPAs] Ukraine 6/3/2016, Alaaadeen Ali Mayas [Health, Pharmaecutical] Yemen 8/4/2016, Senator Dr Brig General Lord Buck Rogers [Conservative] UK 4/26/2015, Senator Ludwig Falkenstein [Senator] USA, Poland 5/10/2016, Senator Tersilio Benedetti [Parliamento Mondiale] Italy 3/12/2016, Senator May Mourad [PHD Journalism and Press Media] Lebanon 2/27/2017, Senator Michael Krejany [Freedom, Equity, and Justice] Australia 6/2/2017, Senator Lloyd David Lieberman [No Dogma] USA 7/21/2017, Maninder Singh Phull [Foreigner] Kuwait 9/4/2016, Mohammed Babar Khan [MIP Member] India 8/30/2015, Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Saad [Real] Egypt 6/28/2016, Ali J. Mohammed [President of the International Media Observatory] Iraq 9/21/2016, Aaditya Pratap Singh [Social work, Numismatics and Philately] India 9/28/2016, Paolo Giovanni Borbone Ribezzi [Imperial and Royal House of Ribezzi de Bourbon of Magri von Habsburg Lothringen] Germany and Italy 9/30/2016, Faisal Ali [Peace and the Defense of Public Rights and Freedoms] Egypt 12/14/2015, Remi Jonathan Parbhoe [President] Earth 10/4/2016, Maged Mohamed Azab Abdalla [Director] Egypt 10/21/2016, Vijaymohan Das [University of God] India 10/27/2016, Abdul Aziz S. Moniesson [New Patriotic] Ghana 11/21/2016, Mukhuta Muhiana John [The World Peace Foundation Africa NGO] Congo 12/8/2016, Siyabonga Muzikayise Mnguni [ANC] South Africa 12/18/2016, Alan Sydenham [Medicine] UK 6/23/2015, Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic] USA 1/1/2015, Jim Duensing [Boston Tea] USA 1/1/2015, David L Wetzell [LT Party Movement] USA 1/1/2015, Andrew von Berg [SRI/Jovian Society] UK 11/18/2015, Datu Edelverios Atad Paundog [Republic of Southern Philippines] Southeast Asia 1/5/2017, Dr. Mahendra B Jain [Father of Finance and World] India 1/8/2017, Royce Johnson [government official 111coe] USA 1/19/2017, MD Nabeel Taha [NSTWFI] India 1/19/2017, Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Mr. [represent the poor and the oppressed in Egypt] Egypt 2/5/2017, Paulo Alexandre Moreira De Figueiredo [POLITICAL PRISIONER] Portugal 2/5/2017
* * *

37 Independent Party
35 MIPs and 2 Senators

Muhammad Khurshid [Independent] Pakistan 5/14/2015, Korak Kahali [Independent] India 5/15/2015, Pamela Azar [Independent] USA 5/15/2015, Mahamed Mahmoud Elgamsy [Independent] Egypt 5/15/2015, Haji Ajmal Shamali [Independent] Afghanistan 9/18/2013, Ralph Beach [Independent] USA 10/4/2013, Abdelkader Boubekeur [Independent] Algeria 11/30/2015, D.Y.M Seri Raja Dato' Paduka Thiwakaran Muagan [Independent] Malaysia 10/5/2015, Rahmat Permana [Independent] Indonesia 10/5/2015, Putra Samudera WK [Independent] Indonesia 10/2/2015, Kashif Aslam [Independent] Pakistan 10/2/2015, Lili Wiliana [Independent] Indonesia 10/2/2015, Henny Danely [Independent] Indonesia 10/2/2015, Honor and Royalty HSRH Dr Sir Rajasethuramavarma [Independent] India 7/18/2015, Jordi Lores [Independent] Spain/Catalonia 6/15/2015, Ketan Chaturvedi [Independent] India 12/24/2015, Addad Mimouna [Independent] Algeria 1/20/2016, Patricia Clary [Independent] USA 5/17/2016, Tanja Jade [Independent] Germany 6/5/2016, N S Ravishankar [Independent] India 7/5/2016, Senator Rana Sandlin [Independent] USA 7/28/2016, Senator Dr. Hassan Abdrabu [Independent] Palestine 3/13/2016, Keeng Troyius Turner [Independent] Canada 2/7/2015, Queen Patrenia Turner [Independent] Canada 2/7/2015, Benyagoub Mostefaoui [Independent] Algeria 9/10/2016, H.E. Mosharaf Chowdhury [Independent] Ireland 9/15/2016, Dr. Paul W. Dyer [Independant] USA 11/1/2016, Halimi Rachida [Independent] Algeria 11/11/2016, Badaoui Fetheddine [independent] Algeria 11/11/2016, Kadri Youcef [Independent] Algeria 11/11/2016, Alberto Gomez Fuertes [Independent] Spain 5/27/2015, Abdur Rehman Hafeez [Independent] Pakistan 10/13/2015, Danny (Dan) Woodring [Independent] USA 1/1/2015, Tina Cook [Independent] USA 1/1/2015, Jose Carlos Pereira [Independente] Brazil 12/29/2016, Maheep Jyot Singh [Independent] Earth 2/5/2017
* * *

31 Humanitarian Party
19 MIPs and 12 Senators

Senator James Le Sage [Humanitarian] USA 1/13/2017, Robert Ortiz [Humanitarian] Brazil 5/15/2015, Ahmed Imloul [Activist Human Rights] Morocco 5/15/2015, Ganeskumar S/O Murugesu TIM.YDP Majlis Belia Daerah Sepang Selangor [Humanitarian Organization] Malaysia 10/5/2015, Lakhbir Singh Sokhi [Human Rights Activist] India 10/3/2015, Iguaci Luiz de Gouveia Junior [Humanitarian] Brazil 10/11/2015, A. Iwan Gazali. AG.SH.MH. [Minister of Human Rights and Legal] Mulawarman Kutai Kingdom 10/11/2015, Prince Theodor- Eduard Stroe [Ambassador Humanitarian] Kingdom of Kutai-Mulawarman 10/11/2015, Wong Ka Hing Andrew [Humanitarian Organization] Hong Kong 10/11/2015, Ngai Wan Helen [Humanitarian Organization] Kingdom Kutai Mulawarman 10/11/2015, Elhasni Alaoui Hassen [Human Rights Activist] Morocco 10/13/2015, Nahid Roya Qayed [Political, Social and Advocate of Human Rights] Netherlands 2/20/2016, Taketomo Maekawa [Protect Human Rights] Japan 2/22/2016, Senator Thomas Hensel [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 2/26/2016, Senator Mirko Hensel [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 2/26/2016, Senator Johannes Merten [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 2/26/2016, Senator Annette Wolters [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 2/26/2016, Senator Lothar Krug [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 2/26/2016, Senator Ali Akil Khalil [Human Rights] Lebanon 2/12/2016, Senator Ramona Kruck [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 6/1/2015, Senator Michael Kern [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 6/1/2015, Senator Evelyn Ermisch [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 6/1/2015, Senator Frank Ermisch [Humanitarian Organization] Germany 5/11/2015, Senator Dr. Haitham Durbie [Humanity] Lebanon 3/7/2017, Adbulhameed Amin Almohammad [Human Rights] Saudi Arabia 9/19/2016, Suresh Verma [Human Rights Education Awareness and Legal Advocacy] India 11/4/2016, MD. Safiqur Rahman [World Humanitarian] Bangladesh 11/30/2016, Julie Bottoms [Humanities] Earth 6/23/2015, Mohd Tariq Zaki [Humanitarian] India 12/28/2016, Rizwan Jhanwala [International Human Rights Protection] Earth 12/31/2016, Jagdish Lal Gogna [National Human Rights Committee, Chandigarh] India 1/5/2017
* * *

22 Democratic Party
19 MIPs and 3 Senators

Isaac Mulondo [Democratic] Uganda 4/26/2014, Ahmed Jemal [Democrat] Ethiopia 5/14/2015, Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic] USA 5/14/2015, LeVonne Stone [Democratic] USA 5/15/2015, Billy Lead Transfer [Democratic] USA 5/15/2015, Ghulam Idrees Bangash [Democrat] Earth 5/15/2015, Andy Caffrey [Democratic] USA 7/28/2015, Ph.D Mahmoud Ibrahim Negm [Democratic] Egypt, USA 10/15/2015, Hari Chandra Pandit [Democratic] Nepal 10/17/2015, Shehadeh Mahmoud El-Armouti [Democratic] Jordan 12/18/2015, Michael J. Islas [Democratic] USA 1/14/2016, Ario Vaikui Ku [Democratic] Hong Kong Macau 6/6/2016, Senator Count Dr. Prof. Eugenio Magnarin di Castronuovo [Democratic] Italy 5/21/2016, Senator Yasin Arslan [Democratic] Turkey and USA 4/1/2016, Senator H.H. Prinz Prof. Dr. Johann Feikes [Democratic People] Germany 8/28/2016, Onyeri I. Kingsley [Democratic] Nigeria 11/1/2016, Barak Obama [Democratic] USA 11/8/2016, Michelle Obama [Democratic] USA 11/8/2016, Mahamat Tahir Abakar [Democratic] Chad 11/14/2016, Natalia Eitelbach [World Democratic] Germany, Switzerland, USA 11/16/2016, Robby Wells [Democratic] USA 1/1/2015, David Olkkola [Democratic] USA 1/1/2015
* * *

17 Republican Party
14 MIPs and 3 Senators

Fernando Castro Boschini [Republican] Costa Rica 12/6/2014, Jim Doyle [Republican] USA 5/14/2015, Barinda Gad [Republic] Uganda 5/14/2015, Joseph Gates [Republican] USA 5/15/2015, Siddharth Gautam Lumbini [Republic] Nepal 9/22/2013, H.E Robert Morris [Republican] USA 8/29/2015, Nabatanzi Martha Angella [Republican] Uganda 11/25/2015, Pietro Abbate [Republican] Italy 1/2/2016, Fatima Faize [Republican] Morocco 3/1/2016, Senator Dr. Anthony Fernandes [Republican] India 7/4/2016, Senator James Ogle [Republican] USA 5/16/2015, Senator Rudolf Nikolic [Republican] Serbia 3/17/2017, Dr. Pedrito Marrero [Republican] USA 11/21/2016, Dewayne Watkins [Republican] USA 12/21/2015, Tony Jones [Bull Moose] USA 5/20/2015, Mike Levinson [Republican / Independent] USA 1/1/2015, Ralph Hoffman [Republican] USA 1/1/2015
* * *

16 International Mission for the Peace Party
12 MIPs and 4 Senators

Taras Shevchenko [International Mission for the Peace] Ukraine 3/19/2015, Mustafa Hammoud [Mission for the Peace] Earth 5/15/2015, Dr. Mohamad Ahamad Taiareh [I.O.P.S to activate International Humanitarian Law for Peace] Syria 6/5/2015, Khizer Niazi [Peace] Pakistan 6/5/2015, Liz Haemmel [Peace & Freedom] USA 8/12/2014, Ambassador World Peace & Human Rights Agha Tarek H Khan [Peace and Humanity] Pakistan 8/29/2015, Hunter Wayne Crow [Citizens Freedom] USA 11/10/2015, Marietta Arguido Reformado [URGC SRUDI PEACE] India 10/11/2015, Maria Rubio [Partido Popular Mundial] Earth, Spain 10/5/2015, Osama A.M. Rabaya [Peace] Palestine 9/26/2016, Mohamed Nasser Bel Hadj Khalifa [Peace] Tunisia 11/25/2016, Stewart Alexander [Peace & Freedom] USA 1/1/2015, Senator Ambassador Dr. Sayed Salim Al Sous [Peace, Grand Master Freemason] Lebonan 3/7/2017, Senator Allen McKinney [Peace on Earth] USA 11/15/2016, Senator Amb Kimicoh Kimico [Global Ambassador of World Peace] USA, Senator Turkan Ergor [Peace] Turkey
* * *

12 Ambassador Party
5 MIPs and 7 Senators

Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish [Ambassador at Large for India & SAARC] India, Talossa 9/18/2015, Md Lutfi Bin Yusof [Ambassador Royal Kutai Mulawarman] Malaysia 10/11/2015, Raju Salahuddin Khan [Ambassador Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman] India 10/11/2015, Dr. Banshider Sahu [Florida Association of Counties Ambassador] India 12/16/2015, Emmy [International Relations] Netherlands 9/5/2015, Senator Jurgen Paul Otto [Ambassador] Germany 5/22/2016, Senator Tareq Hamdan [Chief Ambassador] Egypt 3/11/2016, Senator Rafat Iskandar [Ambassador] Egypt 3/11/2016, Senator Dr. Akram Sabry [Goodwill Peace Ambassador] South Africa 3/4/2016, Senator HRH Datuan Rajo Dr. Khadim Hussain Dahot [International Diplomacy] Pakistan 2/20/2016, Senator Al Moetasem Bellah Omar [Ambassador] Egypt 2/9/2016, Senator Mahmoud Haridy [Ambassador] Egypt 5/8/2015
* * *

11 Libertarian and Common Law Party
11 MIPs

Charles Bruce Stewart [Libertarian and Common Law] USA 5/14/2015, Keenan Dunham [Libertarian] USA 5/14/2015, Rob Roberts [Libertarian] Philippines 9/20/2013, Derek Gorman [Libertarian] Chile 8/4/2015, David Valente [Libertarian] USA 9/8/2016, Karen Cantrell [Libertarian] USA 10/10/2015, Rhett Smith [Libertarian] USA 1/1/2015, Gary Johnson [Libertarian] USA 1/1/2015, Carl Person [Libertarian] USA 1/1/2015, Sam Sloan [Libertarian] USA 1/1/2015, Alex Jones [Libertarian] USA 1/1/2015
* * *

10 Earth Federation Party
9 MIPs and 1 Senator

Senator Bryant Hawkins [Earth Federation] USA 3/7/2016, Dr. Tony Sunil Verma [Earth Federation] Australia 11/7/2015, Luiz Fernando C.R.M. Botelho [Earth Federation] Brazil 11/16/2015, Daniel J. Nadenicek [Earth Federation] USA 12/9/2015, Rajesh Vedprakash [Earth Federation] India 12/7/2015, Martin Cardenas [Earth Federation] USA 11/27/2015, Annemarie Verma Heiland [Earth Federation] Australia, Germany 11/25/2015, Sezgin Icin [Earth Federation] Holland 11/23/2015, Anand Verma [Earth Federation] Australia 11/16/2015, Linda Good Mcgilles [Earth Federation] USA 11/14/2015
* * *

11 Socialist Party
11 MIPs

Art Kazar [Socialist] USA 10/8/2013, Joseph Phillips [Socialist] USA 9/17/2014, Stephanie Cholensky [Socialist] USA 10/17/2013, M'barek Afekouh [Socialist] Morocco 8/29/2015, Sylvana de Groot [SP] Netherlands 12/24/2015, Abhijeet Kaur Nirankari [Social Work Republican] India 10/16/2016, Risheek Rakesh [Social] India 11/25/2016, A.Z.M. Abdus Sobur [Social Worker] Bangladesh 11/30/2016, Pradeep Kaphle [Social] Nepal 12/18/2016, Captain David Frey [Socialist] USA 1/1/2015, Varun Sharma [Social Working] India 1/3/2016
* * *

8 New World Party
6 MIPs and 2 Senators

Arvind Kumar Sharma [ NWP] India 3/13/2015, Bouabida Chakib [NWP] Algeria 5/15/2015, Umesh Kumar [NWP] India 8/28/2015, Sebastian Pageau [NWP] Canada 2/20/2016, Senator Frank-Michael Hensel [NWP] Germany 5/5/2015, Sharif G. Vamadevan [NWP] India and United Arab Emirates 6/10/2015, Holly Oliver [Info. Not Avail.] USA, Sweeden 2/12/2016, Senator Michel Tia [NWP] Ivory Coast 12/30/2016
* * *

6 One Party
5 MIPs and 1 Senator

Senator Kwan Tera [One] Earth 12/6/2016, Damian Fitzgerald [One] Earth 12/10/2014, Jonah Bolt [One] USA 5/15/2015, Khalil El-Masry [One] Earth 12/9/2014, Michael Lucas Monterey [One Party] Earth 12/9/2014, Fabian Ralf Elleder [One-World-Party] Germany 10/7/2016
* * *

5 Educationalist Party
5 MIPs

Marhouf Jay Tabilla Kusain [Educationalist] Philippines 8/21/2015, Dr. Tapesh Chandra Gupta [Educational] India 10/14/2016, Dr. Atul Pradhan [Educationalist] India 10/16/2016, Dr. Anup Parsai [Educationalist] India 10/16/2016, Akanksha Dubey [Educationalist] India 11/1/2016
* * *

5 Liberal Party
4 MIPs and 1 Senator

Lucaci Florentin [Liberal] Romania 8/27/2015, Gerard Mengual [Liberal] USA 1/30/2016, Larry Marvin Swart [Liberal] South Africa 3/12/2016, Robert D'Ambrosi [Liberal Conservative] Australia 4/11/2016, Senator Germaine Stewart [Liberal] USA 2/29/2016
* * *

5 Green Independent Party
4 MIPs and 1 Senator

Benjamin Meiklejohn [Green Independent] USA 5/14/2015, Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward [Gandhian Green] USA 5/14/2015, Senator Pamela Elizondo [Green] USA 7/5/2016, Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] USA 1/1/2015, Gina Zenzola [Green] USA 1/1/2015
* * *

4 International Party
4 MIPs

Abdul Azeem Khan [International] Pakistan 5/14/2015, Christian Dressel [International Parliament] Germany 4/11/2016, Prince Irshad Ahmed Abdul Azeez [International Parliament MIP] Malaysia 3/20/2016, Deepak Vyes [International Parliament] India 12/9/2015
* * *

3 Respublica of Earth Party
3 MIPs

Ian Luckett [Respublica of Earth] UK 7/2/2014, Robin Beck [Respublica of Earth] South Africa 7/7/2014, Barbara Schroeppel [Respublica of Earth] Earth 11/20/2014
* * *

3 Party
3 MIPs

Lina [Party] Jordon 5/14/2015, Emad Al Shameeri [Party] Earth 2/10/2016, Prof Jared Akama Onyari [Party] Kenya 3/29/2016
* * *

3 Royalist - Monarchist Party
3 MIPs

David Schweitzer [Royalist - Monarchist] USA 3/22/2015, Comendador Jose Luiz da Luz [Royal Society Group] Brazil 10/5/2015, Lord Prof Dato' Seri Dr. Barani Karunakaran [World Monarchist Association UK] Malaysia 10/11/2015,
* * *

3 Women's Rights and Justice Party
2 Senators and 1 MIP

Senator Oroba Raheem Yakoob [Women's Rights and Justice] Malta 4/20/2016, Senator Jennifer Naidu [Women Empowerment and Education] India 4/3/2017, Miss Princesse Christelle Palazzi [Women's Rights] France 12/24/2016
* * *

2 Non Party
2 MIPs

His Highness Wouter Norbert Labeeuw eriditaire Duc of Croix de St Michel [Non] Belgium 10/5/2015, Her Highness Rita Marleen Bartsoen Duchess of Croix de St Michel [Non] Belgium 10/5/2015
* * *

2 Jornalista Party
2 MIPs

Amarildo Celestino Leao [Jornalista] Brazil 5/14/2015, Amar Amor [Media] Palestine 5/15/2015,
* * *

2 Karate Party
2 MIPs

Jocelyn Overbaugh [Karate] USA 5/21/2015, Jasbir Singh [Martial Arts Ministry] USA 10/11/2015
* * *

2 Free Parliamentary Party
2 MIPs

Luzindana Adam Buyinza [Coordinator-US Free Parliamentary] Uganda 11/22/2013, Gordon Andrews [Free Parliamentary] USA 9/22/2013
* * *

2 Mutualism and Cooperation Party
2 MIPs

Joseph Kopsick [Mutualism and Cooperation] USA 8/28/2014, Arthur Rodrigues [Mutualism and Cooperation] USA 5/15/2015
* * *

2 Social Worker Party
2 MIPs

Shahzad Akhtar [Social Worker] Pakistan 5/15/2015, Renil Chakma [Social Worker] Bangledesh 7/27/2014
* * *

2 Media Party
2 MIPs

Shaker Sleman Alsana [Media] Palestine 4/21/2015, Sawsan Farhataw [Media] Palestine 4/21/2015
* * *

2 Constitution Party
2 MIPs

Don J. Grundmann [Constitution] USA 1/1/2015, J.R. Myers [Constitution] USA 1/1/2015
* * *


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