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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

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Agreements; IP Senate and IP General Assembly


Agreement Two

* * *

Agreement One (Two-parts)

Sponsored by Senator James Ogle [Republican] USA and Senator Hassan Abdrabu [Independent] Palistine

Statement; "Vote Counting Ministry and Higher Education Ministry" regarding new sign-ups being directed to Ministries.


Agreement was made to use Skype for next conference call one week later, on Saturday February 11th, 2017, and two Senators said they can use Skype; Senator Michel Tia and uncertain; either Senator Adrabu or Senator Khalil.

A second agreement was made between Senator Abdrabu and Senator Ogle to help build Senator Adrabu's Higher Education Ministry. The agreement is that once the Human Rights Ministry reaches capacity of 50 Directors within two or three weeks, then new signups are directed to Senator/Minister Abdrabu's Higher Education Ministry.
* * *

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