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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

The United Coalition of 2014
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Contact the UCC
Telephone: USA (831) 747-5863
Email: ucc@allpartysystem.org

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Candidates for June 15th 2014 Primary

Alan Reynolds for Lt. Governor [Americans Elect]

Tammy Blair for Controller [Democratic]

Janel Buycks for Governor [Non-partisan]

Glenn Champ for Governor [Republican]

Jonathan Jaech for Attorney General [Libertarian]

Joe Leicht for Governor [Independent]

Jeffrey H. Drobman for Secretary of State [Democratic]

Ronald Gold for Attorney General [Republican]

Roy Allmond for Secretary of State [Republican]

Richard Aguirre for Governor [Republican]
* * *

Candidates Winning in November 2014 General Election

AD7 Kevin McCarty [Democratic] 58.6% WIN!

AD26 Devon Mathis [Republican] 55.6% WIN!

AD15 Tony Thurmond [Democratic] 54.4% WIN!
* * *

Candidates for November 2014 General Election

Greg Conlon [Republican] for State Treasurer (Santa Clara)
Ron Gold [Republican] for State Attorney General (Los Angeles)
Dale Mensing [Republican] for US Congress (Marin, Humboldt, Counties) CD2
James Hinton [Independent] for US Congress (Napa) CD5
Bob Conaway [Democratic] for US Congress (San Bernardino) CD8
Ro Khanna [Democratic] for US Congress (Santa Clara) CD17
Steve Stokes [Independent) for US Congress (Los Angeles) CD28
Andy Whallom [Republican] for Congress (Long Beach) CD47
Ethan on behalf of Dave Peiser [Democratic] for Congress (San Diego) CD49
Ricardo Benitez [Republican] for State Senate (Los Angeles) SD19 (No email)
Matt Munson [Republican] for State Senate (San Bernardino) SD20
Peter Choi [Democratic] for State Senate (Los Angeles) SD24
Jim Reed [Democratic] for State Assembly (Tehema) AD3
Kevin McCarty [Democratic] for State Assembly (Sacramento) AD7
Joy Delepine [Republican] for State Assembly (Contra Costa) AD14
Tony Thurmond [Democratic] for Assembly (Alameda) AD15
Dave Erlich [Republican] for Assembly (Alameda) AD18
Devon Mathis [Republican] for State Assembly (Tulare, Inyo & Kern) AD26
Palmer Kain [Republican] for State Senate (Santa Cruz) AD29
Pedro Rios [Republican] for Assembly (Kern) AD32
John Coffey [Democratic] for Assembly (San Bernardino) AD33
Heidi Harmon [Democratic] for Assembly (San Luis Obispo) AD35
Nathaniel Tsai [Republican] for Assembly (Los Angeles) AD41
Zachary Taylor [Republican] for Assembly (Studio City) AD46
Glen Ratcliff [Republican] for Assembly (Los Angeles) AD54> Gregg
Fritchle [Democratic] for Assembly (Covina) AD55
Ken Park [Democratic] for Assembly (Corona) AD60
John Goya [Republican] for Assembly (Long Beach) AD70
Thomas Krouse [Republican] for Assembly (San Diego) AD76
Marcus Giavanni [Independent] for Governor (CO)
Harry Hempy [Green] for Governor (CO)
Joe Phillips [Socialist] for State Assembly SD40 (NY)
Anne Armstrong [Compassion] for Governor (RI)
Tony Jones [Libertarian] for Lt. Governor (RI)
Pamela Azar [Independent] for Secretary of State (RI)
* * *

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