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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

About the International Parliament

The International Parliament is a Political Entity which was initiated by the 9th USA Parliament in 2012 and the USA Parliament was founded on August 6th, 1995 with the Election of 100 names for US President under pure proportional representation from "Eballots" cast on the internet.

On October 19th, 2012, the US Parliament founded ALL PARTY System Co., corporate entity established as a news organizations to maintain and broadcast the information about the unity psychology generated under pure proportional representation: the Sainte-Lague Parliament seat distribution system, ranked choice voting (RCV), Hagnebach-Bishoff method in multi-winner districts of two or more.

An international parliament is a branch of an intergovernmental organization tasked with legislative powers and thus establishing a hybrid system of not only intergovernmental-ism, but also supra-nationalism. It could be based on a predecessor inter-parliamentary institution or a newly established organization-level legislature.

Such branches of intergovernmental organizations are typically established in order to provide for representation of citizens, rather than governments who are represented in other bodies within the organization. The assembly can be composed of members of the national legislatures (whose members are directly elected in most cases) or of its own directly elected members, further strengthening the supra nationalism of the organization.

In addition, the International Parliament

- Legislates

- Proposes laws to be submitted to the Parliaments of the Member States;

- Supervises the activities of NGOs, of States, associations of States and other subjects of international law;

- Spoke on the application of universal human rights;

- Facilitate the cooperation and communication between Member States;

- Promotes peace in the world;

- It is committed against nuclear weapons in general and on mass destruction weapons in the world;

- Promotes Education and Training;

- It is committed against the death penalty;

- It's engaged in supporting National Organizations in the States;

- Promotes and collaborates with groups of volunteers for humanitarian interventions

* * *