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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

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Senators 2016
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Senate Chamber 2016

Senators from "Parties with One Seat" - 9

Germaine Stewart [Liberal] America #1
Bryant Hawkins [Earth Federation] America #1
Tersilio Benedetti [Parliamento Mondiale]
Oroba Raheem Yakoob [Women's Rights and Justice]
Ludwig Falkenstein [Senator] America #1
Pamela Elizondo [Green] America #1
Dr. Buck Rogers [Conservative] Europe
Kwan Tera [One] America #1
Alan McKinney [Peace on Earth] America #1

Senators from "Info. Not Avail." - 7

Michael Walton [Info. Not Avail.] America #1
Laura Frustaci [Info. Not Avail.] Africa #1
Ivon Ramzi [Info. Not Avail.] Africa #1
Jurgen Paul Otto [Info. Not Avail.] Europe
Ahmed Elbehiry [Info. Not Avail.] Africa #1
Theresa Fawzy Hanna Soliman [Info. Not Avail.] Africa #1
Francesco D'Alassandro [Info. Not Avail.] Europe

Senators from "Humanitarian Organization Party" - 6

Lothar Krug [Humanitarian Organization] Europe
Annette Wolters [Humanitarian Organization] Europe
Johannes Merten [Humanitarian Organization] Europe
Mirko Hensel [Humanitarian Organization] Europe
Thomas Hensel [Humanitarian Organization] Europe
Ali Akil Khalil [Human Rights] EurAsia and Middle East

Senators from "Ambassador Party" - 5

Al Moetasem Bellah Omar [Ambassador] Africa #1
HRH Datuan Rajo Dr. Khadim Hussain Dahot [International Diplomacy] EurAsia and Middle East
Dr. Akram Sabry [Goodwill Peace Ambassador] EurAsia and Middle East
Tareq Hamdan [Chief Ambassador] Africa #1
Rafat Iskandar [Ambassador] EurAsia and Middle East

Senators from "Democratic Party" - 3

Yasin Arlsan [Democratic]
Count Dr. Prof. Eugenio Magnarin di Castronuovo [Democratic] Europe
H.H. Prinz Prof. Dr. Johann Feikes[Democratic People] Europe

Senators from "Republican Party" - 2

Anthony Fernandes [Republican] India #1
James Ogle [Republican] America #1

Senators from "New World Party (NWP)" - 2

Frank-Michael Hensel [New World Party (NWP)] Europe
Michel Tia [NWP] Africa #1

Senators from "Independent" - 2

Rana M. Sandlin [Independent] America #1
Hassan Abdrabu [Independent] EurAsia and Middle East
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Total: 36
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