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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Indigenous Affairs Ministry

Marked Eballots #50 for Policy Guidlines

Subject: Eballot #50 - Simultaneously Elects Guidelines for International Parliament Ministries
Date: 2016-02-25 09:11
From: Frank-Michael Hensel
To: unitedcoalition@international-parliament.org
_1__ FULL MINISTER RESPONSIBILITIES: All questions about Director sign up, voting, adding and subtracting Directors' names to the facebook chat will be the responsibility of the full Minister.
_2__ VOTES CAST AND KEPT AS PROOF: All marked eballots will be copies in two places; once in the "Files" section of the facebook page and second on the Ministry's home page on the site http://www.international-parliament.org [1].
_3__ New facebook names who sign up with Ministry become elected Directors until the 50 seats are filled by names.
_4__ Directors from other Ministries may not become Directors in the Ministry they applied until approval for transfer from the Vote Counting Ministry.
_5__ Only elected Ministers and Directors may rank names with consecutive numerals as a vote for Directors.
_6__ After 50 Directors are elected, a NEW facebook page shall be created which may be public or closed, but only elected Directors will be approved for facebook page membership.
_7__ As new names are elected causing Directors to be unelected and replaced, then the newly elected Directors will be added to the new facebook page and the unelected Directors deleted from the new facebook page.
_8__ The facebook page will feature the "send message" and until the facebook company is fully understood why this feature is sometimes terminated, everything will be done to make sure all 50 Directors can be messaged under this feature.
_9__ Director elections are to be placed on hold until ten new nominees provide ID to Minister and a paper or digital copy is on file and shared with Vote Counting Minister.
10___ Full Minister must designate a top-ranked Administrator to oversee data protection.
* * *

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