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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

International Peace Affairs Ministry
International Peace Affairs Minister Rod Morley [Info. Not Avail.]

Twelve Worldwide Population-Balanced Provincial Parliaments
Ministry Members; please click the link above link to view monthly Provincial cycles.
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Contact the International Peace Affairs Ministry
International Peace Affairs Ministry "Directors Only" Facebook Page
International Peace Affairs Ministry "International Parliament Group 1" Facebook Page
International Peace Affairs Ministry Home Page: http://www.international-parliament.org/peace-affairs.html

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Director Juan Rodriguez Arroyo [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Afredo Del Rio [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Raul Torres [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Antonio Diaz Sanchez [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Blas Laiz Solla [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Florian Sonhel [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Ramon Moret [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Antonio Somavilla [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Ana Maria Orihuel [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Soraya Castellano Cruz [Info. Not Avail.]

Director Miguel Angel Ramirez Muino [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Charo Benito Garces [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Benjamin Ramirez [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Adolfo Limon Fernandez [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Carlos Roldan [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Jose Antonio Cabrera Martinez [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Benjamin Rodriguez [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Javier Arnaldo Martin [Info. Not Avail.]
Director Francisco Martin Perez [Info. Not Avail.]
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