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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Historical Record of Elected Members of International Parliament (MIPs)
Begun on 8/3/2014 - Fifty Members of International Parliament

MIP Raouaa Bousslimi [Youth] Tunisia 7/31/2014
MIP Tsar Mikhail [Environmentalist] USA 7/29/2014
MIP Mayssem Chebbi [Youth] Tunisia 7/31/2014
MIP Hamza Ben Abbes [Youth] Tunisia 7/31/2014
MIP James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] USA 5/2/2013
MIP Ernest Wells [Communist] USA 5/2/2013
MIP Abdul Azeem Khan [International] Pakistan 5/21/2013
MIP Eng Juba [Info. Not Avail.] Egypt 5/28/2013
MIP Barinda Gad [Republic] Uganda 5/28/2013
MIP Peter Mwambananji [Info. Not Avail.] At Large 5/29/2013
MIP bag94leux [Info. Not Avail.] At Large 6/5/2013
MIP Mr Fida Hussain Domki Balouch [Info. Not Avail.] At Large 6/11/2013
MIP Dr. Chinweike Ndubuisigwe [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 6/25/2013
MIP Dr. Chike Oyeka [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 6/25/2013
MIP Gravit Khandelwal [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 6/26/2013
MIP Nuszhin486 [Info. Not Avail.] At Large 9/8/2013
MIP Haji Ajmal Shamali [Independent] Afghanistan 9/18/2013
MIP Rob Roberts [Libertarian] Philippines 9/20/2013
MIP Muhammad Khurshid [Independent] Pakistan 9/20/2013
MIP Siddharth Gautam Lumbini [Republic] Nepal 9/22/2013
MIP Gordon Andrews [Free Parliamentary] USA 9/22/2013
MIP Ralph Beach [Libertarian] USA 10/4/2013
MIP Jim Doyle [Republican] USA 10/4/2013
MIP Atikhan [First founder and Director IWRC] Pakistan 10/7/2013
MIP Art Kazar [Socialist] USA 10/8/2013
MIP Nikhil Chakma [Jumma indigenous people, Chittagong Hill Tracts] Bangladesh 10/8/2013
MIP Stephanie Cholensky [Socialist] USA 10/17/2013
MIP TC Nieuwoudt [Info. Not Avail.] South Africa 11/1/2013
MIP Cathy Bilsky [Ubuntu] USA 11/2/2013
MIP Luzindana Adam Buyinza [Coordinator-US Free Parliamentary Party] Uganda 11/22/2013
MIP Xose Rodriguez Ferrer [Info. Not Avail.] Spain 12/28/2013
MIP Lina [Party] Jordon 12/29/2013
MIP Zom Raja [King of Death] Bangladesh 1/16/2014
MIP M.S. Mohamed Ansari [Economic] India 2/9/2014
MIP Ahmed Jemal [Democrat] Ethiopia 2/15/2014
MIP Ojeyinde Olatunde Gblolahan [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria 3/24/2014
MIP Amarildo Celestino Leao [Jornalista] Brazil 4/17/2014
MIP Isaac Mulondo [Democratic] Uganda 4/26/2014
MIP Cindy Kay Currier [Respublica of Earth] Earth 6/29/2014
MIP Gary Jordon [Respublica of Earth] Earth 6/29/2014
MIP Heli Tattari [Respublica of Earth] Earth 7/2/2014
MIP Ian Luckett [Respublica of Earth] UK 7/2/2014
MIP Kristy Knight [Respublica of Earth] USA 7/4/2014
MIP Robin Beck [Respublica of Earth] South Africa 7/7/2014
MIP Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward [Gandhian Green] USA 7/13/2014
MIP Trevor Tidwell [Communitarian] Earth 7/19/2014
MIP Dorothy Durio Collins [Democratic] USA 7/27/2014
MIP Renil Chakma [Pahari Chatra Porishad Hill Students' Council] Bangledesh 7/27/2014
MIP Benjamin Meiklejohn [Green Independent] USA 7/29/2014
MIP Miss Joy Waymire [Decline to State] USA 7/30/2014
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First International Parliament Election (Eballot #2, for 2022)
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