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The International Parliament
"Building united inter-party coalitions to get things done collaboratively, not unilaterally."

Nominations for Eballot #2 for Members of International Parliament (MIPs)

Nominations Open on February 1st, 2017 and Close on March 31st, 2017

Nominate Here Using Free Sign-up (500 seats)
Nominate Here Using Senator Sign-up (500 seats)
Email address: unitedcoalition "at" international-parliament "dot" org
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Nominations for MIP 3/24/2017 to 3/31/2017:

DarcieCub [Info. Not Avail.] Uzbekistan
Lamin Keita [Love for All Hatred for None] Gambia
Budpostachimisk [budpostachimisk] Earth
Jerome Tate [Info. Not Avail.] USA
Esam Ali [Human Rights] Syria
Kgsienio [Kwsiecye] USA
Kcsiebbm [Kjsieumi] USA
Rabin Prasad Panda [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Michel Faly [RHDP] Ivory Coast

Nominations for MIP 3/22/2017 to 3/24/2017:

Yves Fehringer [Info. Not Avail.] Austria and Germany
DR.Hc. M.S.P.A. Iansyahrechza. FW.Ph.D (Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman) [Independent] ,

Nominations for MIP 3/16/2017 to 3/21/2017:

Dr. Richard Gorrara [Info. Not Avail.] Italy
Johan Eykenboom [Info. Not Avail.] Netherlands
Dr. Qaiser Javaid [Executive Director PLYC.] Pakistan

Nominations for MIP 3/10/2017 to 3/15/2017:

Rudolf Nikolic [Republican] Serbia
Dr. Tazyeen Zahra Abidi [Info. Not Avail.] Malaysia
Michael Krejany [Freedom, Equity and Justice] USA
Koffi Fulgence Joel [Info. Not Avail.] Ivory Coast
OlegeluMn [OlegeluMn] Earth

Nominations for MIP 3/5/2017 to 3/9/2017:

Tim Mwadime [Earth] Earth
Luis Fernando Padilla Reyes [Independent] USA
Jessyanalf [Jessyanalf] Earth
Mvolodiyaeab [Mvolodiyaea] Russia
Abdullah Suhail [Info. Not Avail.] Iraq

Nominations for MIP 2/27/2017 to 3/5/2017:

Valeriana Mariani [Women & Leadership] Italy
Rabi3a Chebli [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Dr. Haitham Durbie [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Mrs. Blessing Eno Brown [Info. Not Avail.] Nigeria

Nominations for MIP 2/17/2017 to 2/27/2017:

Armando da Costa Jeronimo [Independent] Earth
Majdi Kabbani [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Ghada Chehayeb [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Rania Osman [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Mahmoud Youssef [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Dr. Majed Alrukbi [Info. Not Avail.] Syria
Archana Tyaga [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Dr. Ibrahim AL Ahma [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Mohammad Shariar Nafees [Ministry of Human Rights] Bangladesh
Md Akram Hossain [Hasan] Bangladesh
Raphael Louis [National Coalition Party of Candada (NCPC)] Canada
Mohammad Sameer Hasan [Info. Not Avail.] India
Crash Bandicoth [Info. Not Avail.] Spain
S.S. Varatharajan Shanmugavelu [International Association of Educators for World Peace] USA & Malaysia
Mr Seyed Ahamed Rafeel [Info. Not Avail.] Sri Lanka
A. Garcia [Unknown Republic and Affirmative Knowlege of Anarchy] Earth
GregoryCOIVY [GregoryCOIVY] Greenland
* * *

Nominations for MIP 2/15 to 2/17/2017:

Sayed Salim Al Sous [Grand Master Freemason] Lebanon
Dr. Imad Al Hakim [MIP] Lebanon
Todd Freeman [Social Democracy] USA
Amb Rana Ramadan [Human Rights] Earth
Paolo Giovanni Ribezzi de Bourbon [Imperial, Most Serene and Royal House Ribezzi de Bourbon of Magri von Habsburg] Earth
Banshidhar Sahu [banshidhar sahu] India
Atikhan [Baba] USA
* * *

Nominations for MIP 2/9 to 2/15/2017:

Amb Rana Ramadan [Info. Not Avail.] Earth
Todd Freeman [Social Democracy] USA
ZhenyaOa [KristinaOa] Russia
Knutin [Bioless] Russia
HunterDinue [HunterDinue] Gibraltar
Williamfuts [Williamfuts] Russia
WilliamTat [WilliamTat] Ghanna
Zhenyamn [Dashamn] Russia

Nominations for MIP 2/5 to 2/9/2017:

Andres Salvador Soto Martinez [SMIR Caesar Imperator Rex ( Casa Real e Imperial De Palestinae Romana y Decapolis)] Spain
ZhenyaOa [KristinaOa] Russia
DanielDaf [Info. Not Avail.] Bahamas
Sayed Salim Al Sous [Grand Master Freemason] Lebanon
Dr. Imad Al Hakim [MIP] Lebanon
Steven Romero [Secretary Chief of INDIGENOUS Affairs Indigenous ONE] USA
* * *

Nominations for MIP 2/1/2017:

MD Zakeer Pasha [NSTWFI] India
Jannat Nisha Saifi [Info. Not Avail.] India
Starchild [Libertarian] USA
Anil Nair [English.Hindhi.Malayalm] India
Anusha [Info. Not Avail.] USA
Jagdish Lal Gogna [National Human Rghts Committee, Chandigarh (India)] India
Risheek Rakesh [Social] India
SereGaZ68 [SereGaZ68] Ukraine
Bhairavav Prasad Reddy [International Peace] India
Laxman Chary [Human Rights] India
Zoheb Salim [Info. Not Avail.] India
Syed Mujtaba Hussian [Info. Not Avail.] India
Mark Herd Libertarian] USA
Terryguigo [Terryguigo] Indonesia
* * *

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